Time-to-Listen clock gaugeI’m a fan of a few things, among them: legal-writing experts, and lawyers who listen.

When they’re combined, good things may happen.

That’s why I was pleased to hear from legal-writing teacher and writing coach Jennifer Romig, who pointed me (and thus you) toward an interesting event in Tucson later this week. On Thursday, March 10, you have the chance to attend a two-part session titled “Better Lawyering Through Better Listening.”

It is being held as part of the International Listening Association’s annual convention. (Yes, there’s an International Listening Association.)

More event detail is here.

International Listening Association ILA logoAnd Jennifer offers more background on what you may get out of the seminar here.

Meantime, I recommend to you a few opportunities to learn more about listening right in the pages of Arizona Attorney Magazine:

Here’s hoping you read, listen, and learn.