MCLE deadline on Sept 15 2016-page0001

September 15 is the deadline to file MCLE compliance affidavits. So … what does that mean?

Fortunately, smarter Bar colleagues than I have anticipated your needs. So head to this page to read some useful FAQs about the process.

The page explains how you must complete your CLE tracking page before completing the affidavit. Once you’ve finished entering your tracking information, you can click to reach your affidavit—which now will be pre-populated with the information you provided.

State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorEasy squeezy.

If you prefer the hard-copy approach, get ready: A blank copy of the affidavit can be found in the September issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine, right there between pages 14 and 15. That issue should be in your mailbox soon after August 23.

More questions about the process? Call the MCLE Department at 602-340-7328.