Arizona Corporate Counsel Awaards logoLast week, I praised (rightly) an annual event put on by the Association of Corporate Counsel. And in that post, I promised to share the names of the attorneys honored that evening (in case you haven’t already heard).

Today, I honor that promise.

First, I must mention a corporate counsel who spoke that evening. Lukas Grabiec is Senior Corporate Counsel at Microchip Technology Inc. And a few things commend him to your attention.

It fell to him and two others to offer opening remarks to a Camelback Inn banquet room filled to capacity. Lukas was funny and concise, precisely the tone and approach we most admire. But Lukas is noteworthy for a few other reasons:

I routinely keep company with brainy and talented attorneys, but Lukas is someone I’ll be careful to keep on my radar screen.

And without ado (further or otherwise), here are the honorees from the January 15 event:

  • Nonprofit Attorney of the Year: Carmen Neuberger, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
That's Mike Reagan (right, in the red shirt) on our December 2011 cover. Arizona Attorney Magazine Dec. 2011 cover

That’s Mike Reagan (right, in the red shirt) on our December 2011 cover.

Carmen also shone brightly in last fall’s corporate counsel panel. Congratulations!

  • Up-and-Comer of the Year: Jason Steiner, insight Enterprises
  • Intellectual Property Attorney of the Year: Franc Del Fosse, Insys Therapeutics Inc.
  •  Public Company Attorney of the Year: Mary Beth Orson, Apollo Education Group
  •  Private Company Attorney of the Year: Michael Reagan, Kahala Corp.

Michael not only served well on a previous LMA panel I moderated in 2011, but he made it onto our cover.

  • Legal Department of the Year: JDA Software
  • General Counsel of the Year: David Bixby, Banner Health

Well done and congratulations to all the attorneys who were honored.