It was last fall that we launched our inaugural Ideas Issue. Our concept was that many lawyers have an idea that may be less fully formed than a full feature article, but that may be insightful nonetheless. And so our September 2010 issue highlighted a variety of ideas. They ranged from traffic laws, to Legislator qualifications, to an approach to eradicate the sex trade.

Now it’s time to think about ideas again. Our Call for Ideas from last year was pretty darn good, so here it is again:

Have you ever said, “There ought to be a law” (or a policy, or a regulation)? An upcoming issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine will give you the chance to share your thought—in the “’Ideas Issue.”

This feature story will be dedicated to the thinking of Arizona lawyers and legal leaders. Ideas can be on virtually any topic: jury instructions, obscenity, criminal procedure, immigration, patents, admiralty rules, law practice “in the cloud,” ethics, malpractice, war crimes. You name it. Send us your (im)modest proposals on these or any idea.

Perhaps best of all, each idea will be brief—use no more than 200 words to share your brainstorm.

“There ought to be a law.” We’ve all said it. Now help transform the profession—or even the country.

Post your Ideas here or send them to And here’s an idea: Submit by the end of June.