You can’t buy timing like this.

Just a few days after I announce our open Call for Ideas for our special Fall issue, I see a news story about a group of people dedicated to sharing ideas. A quirky and creative lot is Ignite Phoenix, where Valley bloggers, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers give five-minute presentations on topics they’re passionate about. And they share their insights and musings tonight at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. That would make quite a wonderful Change of Venue Friday.

If you don’t have tickets already, you likely won’t get any of the in-person variety. But no worries. You can watch all the hijinks live through their streaming video here beginning at 6:30 tonight. Now THERE is a great idea.

Not sure you want to click? Well, here are a few of the 18 topics on tap. And if you’re not careful, they may blow your mind!

  • From cubicle chick to paid musician in 12 months: How I did it
  • ANGER: The Renewable Resource
  • Intro to Paragliding: The art of falling up
  • Found! The Greatest Human Trait Of All!

Want to know more about the topics and presenters? Go here. And don’t forget: The intellectual fireworks start at 6:30.

Have a great weekend.