Scar Eater band photo via Facebook

Scar Eater band photo (via the band’s Facebook page)

Congratulations to all the winners of the annual Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition. Each of them is featured in our May issue, which will be available in late April.

Because of obvious restrictions, our music winner’s work cannot be published in the magazine. But it is available, here, for you to hear and enjoy. Well done, Stu de Haan.

His band, Scar Eater, is on Facebook (adult language warning!). They are Gabe Garcia (guitar), Stu de Haan (guitar), Chris Shwanberg (drums), Sonny Sutherland (vocals), and Gigi Owen (bass).

Here is Stu’s background and bio:

Scar Eater is a five piece post-hardcore band from Tucson, Arizona, comprised of Sonny Sutherland, Gabe Garcia, Stu de Haan, Gigi Owen, and Chris Swanberg. STU DE HAAN has played metal since he got his hands on a guitar and will continue for as long as he can get away with it. After graduating Gonzaga University Law School in 2008, he began practicing criminal law and opened de Haan Law Firm, PLLC in 2011. His firm deals solely with criminal law at all levels in Southern Arizona and frequently sponsors Tucson Roller Derby, a non-profit sports league that promotes women’s athleticism and empowerment.

Here is the band’s song “Don’t Get Stuck in a Roadside Ditch” (click to listen):