Arizona Rep. Cecil Ash

Among the variety of news stories I came across today, there was an aggregation of “Lawmaker Priorities” in the Arizona Republic.

Here is one of the more interesting in the listings:

Cecil Ash, R-Mesa

House Health and Human Services Committee chairman

• Establish a Sentencing Commission, which will be advisory to the Legislature, to acquaint legislators with the best practices of other jurisdictions and help reduce Arizona incarcerations and rehabilitate inmates.
• Make consecutive sentences for some crimes optional, rather than mandatory.

Representative Ash has mentioned this before, but it still has the power to surprise (perhaps it’s the “R” after his name, or the fact that sentencing reform is often DOA in Arizona). So congratulations to him for trying.

In the coming three months, I will be working on a story for Arizona Attorney Magazine on sentencing reform (or the lack of it), and I’ll be contacting Representative Ash for his insights.

In an upcoming post, I’ll let you know what spurred me to write on the topic. The short answer is that it’s related to a trip I’m taking to New York soon. But the longer and more detailed explanation is … later.

Rep. Cecil Ash at Law School for Legislators, Jan. 6, 2011, Phoenix

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