grammar police badgeLate I am, but I still cannot let National Grammar Day pass without taking note.

It was “celebrated” on March 4, but I didn’t spot any parades or floats. However, the day gives us the opportunity to consider the role grammar plays in our lives.

Actually, that’s a little bit high-falutin’. What the day allows us to do is to get all judgy about other people’s awful grammar.

To mark the day on this Change of Venue Friday, I suggest you test your skills as a grammarian here. You might be pleasantly surprised that your you’re quite the talented expert.

Or, if you’re feeling pretty poetic, enjoy the results of the Twitter-borne haiku entries in a National Grammar Day contest.

Here are a few favorites:

Punctuation needs To be more important than The Kardashians #GrammarDay @copyeditors

— marducey (@marducey) March 3, 2014

Do not attempt a semicolonoscopy. Ask an editor. #GrammarDay

— John McIntyre (@johnemcintyre) March 1, 2014

And yes, I am now following those two insightful wags.

And then, because every fake American holiday must be marked via humorous T-shirts (memes before anyone invented memes), I offer you a Buzzfeed site that contains some shirt-borne grammar humor. (A hat tip to my friend William Tandy for spotting this sartorial site.)

Many are quite good, but here, I think, is my favorite.

T-shirt evokes national security: Grammar Day error terror

Finally, if you seek a rousing defense of adverbs that is really, really well written (hold it; that seems to be a piss-poor use of intensifying adverbs), enjoy this.

Here’s wishing you a typo-free weekend.