So what tastes good, confuses Accounting, and celebrates Access to Justice?

A cake, of course.

Here is just a slice of our delicious cake cover for the July/August Arizona Attorney Magazine.

Here is just a slice of our delicious cake cover for the July/August Arizona Attorney Magazine.

The upcoming issue of Arizona Attorney features a history-sharing cover story. We’re pleased to cover the 35th anniversary of the Bar Foundation—currently named the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education. To do so, we are publishing the memories of many of their past Presidents.

At the magazine, we brainstormed what an anniversary needs, and of course we thought of a cake.

Search around in online stock art and you’ll see a lot of cakes. But a great sister like the Foundation only turns 35 once, so Art Director Karen Holub and I agreed a real, honest-to-goodness cake was best.

The craftsmanship was done by the talented Tammie Coe. You should see more of her work here.

cake maker Tammie Coe

Tammie Coe

The cake image above reveals a small part of the beautiful creation. I promised Karen I would not give away The Big Reveal. The whole thing will be visible on our July/August cover.

Oh, and the Accounting-confusion thing? Try sending a cake invoice to your Accounting Department coded for “Professional Services” rather than for “Food/Meals.” You’ll get a phone call.

Here was my emailed explanation to them:

“The cake was made as a prop for our photo shoot. Though it was edible (after quite awhile under hot lights), the bakery was hired first and foremost for its design skills and craftsmanship, not for eatin’!”

We try to keep it interesting.

Because I know you like to see how the cake (and sausage) is made, I share an early conceptual drawing for this cake project (below). The final result was quite a bit different, but we’re all about the process!

cake mockup AZFLSE v2

Cake concept drawing

Have a wonderful Independence Day. The blog and I may take a few days off (I consulted James Madison, who urged me to write more, a la The Federalist Papers. But my man Ben Franklin urged relaxation, which I will heed.)

I wrote a few days ago about an upcoming event at Snell & Wilmer honoring some hard-working people. The event was to honor those lawyers (and their staff) who had prevailed in the Top 10 verdicts of 2009, and the top defense verdicts in the same year.

Our master of ceremonies was Kelly Wilkins MacHenry, an attorney at Snell and the author of our annual cover story on the topic.

Here is a photo of the group.

Besides being able to toast their accomplishments, the evening provides another great aspect: We get to hear from the lawyers themselves, who provide some insight into what they think made their case special, and why they think they may have prevailed. To those of us who find law practice fascinating, it is a great way to spend your time.

I have to add that Snell catered with Tammie Coe – an inspired decision! I am used to thinking of Tammie Coe in terms of delicious baked goods and sandwiches on the phenomenal MJ Bread (baked by her husband, Michael John).

Tammie Coe

This evening, though, Tammie rolled out her shop’s newest delicious catering choices, including spring rolls, spicy cheese puffs and meatless meatballs. None of these paltry words can reveal how wonderful the food was. And to make it even better, Tammie herself was there, schlepping her delicious offerings. Like her food, she’s a pleasure at a party!

Here’s to great lawyering and catering, that time-honored combo!

Yes, this is a Tammie Coe cake.