Story ideas welcome, everything from the Theory of Relativity to more mundane thoughts. ideas e = mc

Story ideas welcome, everything from the Theory of Relativity to more mundane thoughts.

I will not insult you with that old chestnut, “There are no bad ideas.” All you need to do is watch a presidential campaign to undermine that tall tale.

But as I work on the 2017 Editorial Calendar—our story roadmap—I do want to stress that there are very few truly bad ideas.

Feel better? Did I lawyer that enough for you?

I’d really like to hear from you—readers or not—about what we should cover in this crazy, mixed-up legal profession. Not sure what I mean? How about:

  • New things happening in law practice
  • New niche practices that are growing
  • Crazy-important topics that legal publications have failed to cover in sufficient detail (or at all)

If you need more direction:

Close your eyes. Imagine a box. And picture the oddest, most novel thing, which is so impressive it cannot even fit in that box.

Soothing, right?

So consider this an open invitation for your ideas, of all kinds. They are welcome anytime, but contacting me in the next few weeks would help ensure those ideas get into our formal editorial calendar. (Curious? You can see our current 2016 calendar here.)

Write to me at

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We’re on the hunt—for stories.

In the coming months of 2011, we at Arizona Attorney Magazine will cover a wide range of topics, and you could be the author of one of those articles. There are many benefits to writing for the magazine, but here’s just one: Writers are seen as subject-matter experts in their law practice area—and exposure to more than 20,000 lawyers and decision-makers throughout the country is all upside.

If you’re interested in writing, contact me. I’d love to work with you.

And, as always, if you have other story ideas (or complaints, compliments or baskets of holiday cheer to drop off), write to me.

Here are some of our story topics and the month they may be published. (But contact me soon—we begin issue development well in advance of the issue dates.)


  • Expert Witnesses
  • Expert Witnesses Since the Arizona Move to the Daubert Standard


  • Social Networking
  • The Mobile Lawyer


  • Employment Law in a Down Economy

And throughout the year we seek:

  • “Legal Landmark Essays”—short essays on noteworthy legal/historical events or cases whose anniversary falls in 2011.
  • “Earthwise Lawyering”—Stories on climate change and law/law practice.
  • Arizona Statehood Stories: 2010 was the centennial of the Arizona Constitution, and 2012 will be our statehood centennial. Write for our two-year celebration of the Copper State’s history.