The other day, thinking I was keeping current, I posted the following photo on the Arizona Attorney Magazine Facebook page:

Head-gripping fear and anxiety

The debt crisis and the ensuing Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the United States have been in the news a lot lately, so why shouldn’t we reflect that on our page? (I thought.)

Little did I know that I was merely swept up in a cliché—the Trader With His Hands On His Head Photo.

It’s true. News outlets around the world appear to have captured people on trading floors hands-on-head—a lot! So much so that a wise and smart-assy person created an entire Tumblr page dedicated to the prevalence of that recurring image.

I felt a little silly, until I remembered, that’s why they call it pop culture. It’s popular.

Have a great weekend, and don’t hold your own head too tightly.

By the way (not to bury the lede), I’ve decided to launch my own Tumblr page. It’s quiet so far, but its potential is mighty!