Marines on patrol in Afghanistan's Helmand province. Photo: David Gilkey/NPR

For Change of Venue Friday, let’s go far afield from the practice of law. Let’s head over to the battlefield of social network analysis.

No, this is not about social media—well, not entirely anyway.

This comes from a news story I just heard on NPR about the military’s increasing analysis of social networks to make better decisions on strategy and operations. It’s a hybrid of mathematics, social media, spying and puzzling.

You have to read the quote at the end of the story to get my word of the day: “targeteer”

Yes, someone actually used a word that hearkens back to the happiest place on EarthTM. I was as surprised as I’m sure you are.

Besides that, the story also included a puzzle scenario you can try out yourself (in the story, see the sidebar on the left). So don your mouse ears, scrunch up your forehead, and get to thinking.

Here is the story. Enjoy your Friday.