public speaking and how to present are my topics at an upcoming conference

How to present best is my assigned topic at an upcoming conference. Help a fellow out.

As I finish up a PowerPoint presentation, it occurred to me: Why haven’t I asked you all for your insight?

And so I seek your input on my presentation topic. My assigned title is “The Art of Presenting.”

Pretty high-falutin’, right?

So what I wonder is this: What are your one or two best ideas that transform a presentation from “Meh” to “Wow!”??

Enough already with dull presentations

Enough already with dull presentations …

To give you a sense of my presenting obligation, here is the program language:

“A lot of what we do comes down to how we engage with people, communicate and get our message across. When you are asked to create a presentation, your presentation style and visuals need to be spot on. Our presenters will discuss the art of getting your presentation just right. They will share thoughtful tips on how to communicate clearly and concisely during your presentation, followed by tips on how to engage your audience visually.”

My presenting cohort will be the terrific Catherine Sanders Reach of the Chicago Bar Association. You can read about the conference here. (And no; I will not be going to Harry Potter World.)

... let's bring on the must-see, compelling presentation. keanu_reeves_ intense hands 1

… let’s bring on the must-see, compelling presentation.

We’ll be the first to admit that “the art of presenting” may be setting the bar a tetch high. But we’re up to the challenge.

Your idea(s) on what makes a presentation terrific (and the opposite) are welcome. Please send them to me at


It looks like there are still some seats open for the esteemed Arizona College of Trial Advocacy, hosted by the State Bar of Arizona.

The hands-on event runs from July 31 through August 4, at the Black Canyon Conference Center, 9440 N. 25th Ave., Phoenix (see map below).

The Trial College, limited to 48 students, is the flagship program of the Bar’s Section on Trial Practice and Procedure. Here is how Section leaders describe it:

“The College is an intensive, five-day workshop that provides practical hands-on training for trial lawyers. It culminates in a half-day mock trial with live jurors and judges in a Maricopa County Superior Court courtroom. The program is designed to significantly develop and refine the skills necessary for excellence in trial practice.

“Why should this interest you? The College provides a do-it-yourself teaching tool that gives aspiring trial attorneys an opportunity to mentor with top Arizona litigators and judges. Attorneys with personal injury practices can earn 10 points toward an Arizona Board of Legal Specialization in Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation.”

The Trial College Executive Director is Rebecca Albrecht. Co-chairs this year are John Ager, John DiCaro and Bruce G. Macdonald.

For more information or to register, go here.