Food trucks at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.

Food trucks at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.

Food-truck law? Who knew?

That was the guiding theme of my morning yesterday, as I sat in a CLE on the topic. I recommended it to you before, and I was happy to listen as attendees got legal, business and marketing advice on the topic of food trucks. Among the audience members were lawyers (who may have their own truck-ish aspirations) and high school students who are aiming for four-wheeled businesses.

The information provided was terrific … but let me get to the delicious part. For after the morning CLE, attendees could gather outside, where the marvelous Short Leash Hot Dogs and Rollover Doughnuts had rolled up to provide lunch.

In case you haven’t been paying attention: This is how life is supposed to be.

Photos of the noshing and learning below. (Click to biggify.)

Mobile Eateries and the Law. Yep, those are food trucks. Eat. Learn. Repeat.

Yep, those are food trucks. Eat. Learn. Repeat.

Here comes some news that is bound to nourish your body and your soul, that will feed your brain’s need for relevant CLE and your stomach’s desire to not grumble loudly through CLEs.

In a mobile stroke of genius, the State Bar is hosting a CLE titled Dinner is Curbed: Mobile Eateries and the Law.” You read it right: It’s all about food-truck law.

No surprise, the Bar is partnering with the Young Lawyers Division for this event, as the young lawyers know where to get the finest in modern-day truck-borne delicacies. (there may even be an app for that.)

Short Leash Hot Dogs logo

Short Leash Hot Dogs, ready to serve.

It will be held on Wednesday, October 14, from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm. At which point the assembled throng steps outside, only to be greeted by local favorite local Short Leash Hot Dogs and dessert from Rollover Doughnuts. Both are included with your registration cost for Phoenix attendees. As organizers say, “Come spend your morning learning about food truck basics. We’ll talk about everything from ordinances to business start-up finance basics to employment issues. And then, we’ll feed you.” FEED YOU!

Yes, lunch will also be served at the Tucson simulcast program. But webcast people—those at neither the Phoenix or Tucson Bar location—really need to examine their life choices, for there will be no soup (or anything else) for you.

Rollover Doughnuts logo


Register here for the live, belly-filled, seminar.

Register here for the Tucson simulcast that includes chow but perhaps not from a food truck.

Register here, if you must, for the empty-stomach-make-your-own-PBJ webcast.

In Phoenix, food trucks plus learning occur at the McAuliffe CLE Center, 4201 N. 24th Street.

I will see you there, for a dog and a doughnut.

The legal deets:


  • Basic legal set-up and basic city and county ordinances
  • How to design and finance your food truck
  • Hiring and firing do’s and don’ts
  • Restaurants versus restaurants on wheels
  • Hear firsthand from local food truck owners of Short Leash Hot Dogs

Seminar Chair:

  • John Frutkin, The Frutkin Law Firm

Seminar Faculty:

  • Michelle Swann, Schneider & Onofry
  • Kim Warshawsky, Ballard Spahr LLP
  • Brad Moore, Short Leash Hot Dogs
  • Kat Moore, Short Leash Hot Dogs

Short Leash Hot Dogs logo big