L to R: Sharon Ng, Lisa Loo and Melissa Ho, Sept. 27, 2011

An organization’s board of directors is a representative body. Ideally, it reflects the membership’s changing face, because board members must embody the future of a profession rather than be in thrall to the past.

On that score, the State Bar of Arizona has reason to be proud.

On Tuesday evening, the Arizona Asian American Bar Association gathered to congratulate three of its members who sit on the State Bar’s Board of Governors. Each of them is a successful lawyer who has a lot to contribute. And each is an Asian American. For good measure, each is also a woman. (All photos are courtesy AAABA.)

At Portland’s Restaurant & Wine Bar in Phoenix, AAABA members and other well-wishers applauded the achievements of Lisa Loo, Melissa Ho and Sharon Ng.

AAABA President Briana Chua

Lisa and Melissa are each representatives from District 6; Sharon is the Young Lawyers Division President.

The event was a happy one. Host and AAABA President Briana Chua reminded attendees that, as well as anyone can tell, there has never been a time when three Asian Americans have served on the board at the same time. Amidst the many conversations I had that night with Arizona lawyers in attendance, one exclamation stands out: “This isn’t your grandfather’s board.”


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At the AAABA reception, L to R: Maricopa County Bar Association Executive Director Allen Kimbrough, lawyer Mike Mason, and State Bar of Arizona CEO John Phelps