I almost began this post by saying that it’s “Immigration Monday.” But then I remembered that every day is Immigration Day in Arizona.

Thanks to a Legislature and a Governor who are either progressive or retrograde, depending on the crowd you run in, we here in the Copper State are the subject of a national examination.

Well, probe would be more like it. You can’t plunge into the radio, TV, web or newspaper without seeing yourself talked about.

And it isn’t just media channels that are engaging in a policy colonoscopy (and we all know how painful that can be). I’ve heard from friends and colleagues that they’ve been queried, praised and skewered by family and acquaintances across the country.

For instance, I was just in upstate New York on Friday and Saturday. My quick trip was to attend a celebration mass for my aunt, who has achieved her 60-year milestone as a Catholic sister (of Saint Joseph of Carondelet).

It was a great occasion. But here’s what struck me most. As I visited with Aunt Julie, at breakfast and lunch and everything in between, I was asked at least 20 times about “what’s going on in Arizona.”

Holy crap, I thought: The over-80 set in this decidedly non-wifi world is interrogating me on my state’s practices. Is there a safe corner to occupy that is not all-immigration-all-the-time?

Ross Douthat

Well, not for the near future.

In the meantime, you should read two sort-of-opposing viewpoints in the New York Times, which is trying its darnedest to cover a breaking story 3,000 miles in the past—I mean to the west.

Start with today’s column by Ross Douthat, titled “The Borders We Deserve.”

And then look at yesterday’s Frank Rich column, “If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem.”

Frank Rich

For those keeping score in an increasingly murky debate, the first column is red-statish, the second blue-statish. But I doubt either will make you feel better.

Come on, Arizona—Give me and the good sisters of Albany, NY, something else to talk about.