Yesterday, I attended a press conference featuring plaintiffs in the SB1070 immigration case, being heard in U.S. District Court in Phoenix. Earlier that day, the judge had enjoined parts of the law—as some have reported, she enjoined the heart of the law.

So of course those speaking at the conference were happy. In Arizona, it felt to them like the rarest of days, when their vision of the world had been confirmed, if only for a moment.

Heightening that momentous sense was Mother Nature. As media people left the conference, the skies opened up, dumping wet droplets (some call it rain) on us dry folk.

Rain! In the desert Southwest, what can be a bigger Change of Venue than that?

So on our blog’s “casual Friday,” I’ve posted some snaps I took of the rain as it came down on our appreciative heads.

(I should add that the immigration debate has infected every part of life in Arizona. A friend who saw these photos immediately joked with me, “Taking pictures while driving? Well, at least you weren’t texting … or transporting illegals. You’re a good citizen, Tim Eigo.” Ah, how our standards for excellence have plummeted.)

Have a great weekend.

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