Practical Art Buffalo Girl Dinner April 10 in Phoenix

So who is up for an opportunity that combines, food, drink, art, maybe taking art home, and lively conversation—all in a setting that was originally established by an Arizona Attorney?

Yeah. Me too.

Happy Change of Venue Friday. On our casual day, I am pleased to share news about an April 10 event at Practical Art in Phoenix. The event is called “Buffalo Girl Dinner,” and you should read here to see where the quirky (and highly appropriate) name arose.

Practical Art, a Phoenix shop and gallery, is going as strong as ever, just as it was envisioned by former Lewis and Roca attorney Jane Reddin. (The shop is located at 5070 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012)

Jane_Reddin 1

Jane Reddin, founder of Practical Art, Phoenix

Back in 2008, I was intrigued when Jane decided to move away from the legal arts and focus on the real arts. I covered her grand adventure here, and have kept up with the amazing shop since—even after her death three years ago.

As you’ll see in the description, the evening is also a fundraiser for the Phoenix Art Museum.

If you’re curious what artworks will be available in the evening’s silent auction, get to following the Practical Art blog here. Those talented owner/organizers promise to reveal all soon.

The $35 ticket price gets you in the door, as well as “a $25 donation to the Phoenix Art Museum, a meal voucher for use at the food trucks, eligibility for participation in the art auction, live music by Pick N’ Holler, and drinks.”

Any idea what a good deal that is?

Buy your ticket here. And if you come, prepare to battle me in the silent auction

Enjoy your practical and artful weekend.

We got the very sad news this week that Arizona lawyer Jane Reddin had died. But that label “lawyer” says so little about someone who had done so much.

Yes, she was a successful lawyer at Lewis and Roca in Phoenix. But the fascinating paths she trod after that career give us insight into the kind of person she was. She was, and is, an inspiration.

I had known of Jane’s work for years but didn’t write about her until she opened up her Phoenix art gallery and store called “Practical Art.” We featured her in the June 2008 issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine, in what had to be one of our very first “Change of Venue” columns, where we highlight fascinating lawyers doing things you might not expect.

Here is some of what Jane told us in 2008 about her plunging into the new endeavor:

Do you ever go through those exercises where you say, “If money were no object, and you could do anything you wanted …?” Friends have said to me, “This is so wonderful; I wish I could do that.” And I said to every one of them, “You really could.” If you sit down and think about your priorities, you don’t need to make as much money as you do.
I finally came to the conclusion, if I don’t do it, I’m going to spend the rest of my life going, “I wonder how that would have turned out.”

You should visit Practical Art online and on Facebook. Ever the wise lawyer, Jane ensured her gallery’s continuation even after her death. Stop by at 5070 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.

View Map to Practical Art

Rest in peace, Jane.

Here is her complete obituary from the Arizona Republic.