Arizona Attorney Magazine, December 2015 arts and education

Arizona Attorney Magazine, December 2015

How is Arizona doing in the realm of education? And what role can—and should—arts play in the complete development of the human mind?

Those were a few of the questions that drove us toward our December cover story for Arizona Attorney Magazine. Yes, Arizona is consistently ranked poorly in national assessments of education. Given our longtime commitment to arts at the magazine, we wondered what our lawyer-artists would think of the topic.

That’s what took our writer, Oriana Parker, into fascinating conversations with numerous Arizona lawyers. The result, I think, is an insightful and highly readable piece that speaks to modern public policy issues.

You can read the whole story here. And thank you to those lawyers who gave of their time and talents to share their thoughts.

What did you think of the topic—and our coverage? And how should we be covering important policy dialogues in the future? Write to me at

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Arizona Attorney Magazine Creative Arts Competition ad 2013 cropped

Our 2013 call for artists. Winners of the annual competition will appear in the May 2013 issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

Today’s a bit of a visual traipse (terrific for those who are almost done with words for the week).

In the April issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine, we featured an article that examines how and why lawyers make time to be artists on the side (or vice versa). Written by Oriana Parker, it opens:

“Many attorneys refuse to be defined simply by their legal careers. As Roza Ferdowsmakan says, ‘There’s no need to feel boxed in. Simply cut holes in the box to add windows, or just turn it into a convertible.’ Her own office speaks to this sense of creative freedom, with some of the oil paintings she has painted over the years adorning the walls.”

“Of course, escaping a box is more difficult than it would appear. Law practice can be arduous, and free time may be scarce. How do some individuals manage to achieve high levels of success in their chosen art form, as well as in law? And what drives them to combine the two pursuits into a satisfying life?

The article explores how approximately six lawyers answer those questions, and how the answers affect their lives and law practices.

A URL listed in the story promises more works of art by those lawyer–artists. So I’m pleased to offer a few here (click on any image to launch the slideshow). These and more are posted on the magazine’s Facebook page.