The Icehouse: Sufficiently spooky

It is Change of Venue Friday, so I share with you an event (tonight!) that melds the law, murder and cinema. And to add to the mix, it will be a seriously spooky venue.

What am I talking about? Friday evening will be the last (Phoenix) chance to see the documentary “Of Dolls and Murder.”

Open to the sky: The Icehouse “Cathedral Room”

I wrote about the film before. But that was when it was shown in the comfort of a Scottsdale arts venue. Tonight, the screening will occur in a more suitably shiver-inducing location: the Icehouse in downtown Phoenix.

The film’s “host” is No Festival Required, who tells a little about the organization and some about the movie.

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The Icehouse—a former warehouse, now an arts and event venue—is at 429 West Jackson Street, Phoenix 85007. Here’s a map:

Or, if you are less Google-minded, here’s a map for the rest of us:


I hope to be there. If you see me, please say hi. And let’s compare our movie critiques.

Have a murder-free weekend.

Are you interested in the intersection between dolls and murder?

Perhaps that matrix has never occurred to you, but the role that dolls have played in forensics may be more palatable. And that is just what is offered in a film screening tomorrow night.

At the Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art, the film “Of Dolls and Murder” will explore crime-fighting of a unique variety. As the producers describe it, “In the 30s and 40s before forensics, DNA, and CSI, crime-fighting grandmother Frances Glessner Lee created dollhouses of miniaturized real-life crime scenes. These creations are still used today to train detectives.

This documentary looks at the dioramas, the woman who created them, and their relationship to modern-day forensics.

The film is being screened by No Festival Required Independent Cinema. And while I’m thinking of it, go ahead and “Like” them on Facebook. Its Executive Director is Steve Weiss, and this is just the latest of a long string of amazing films he has brought to Arizona.

Where was I? Oh, yes, be sure to go here for more information on the film. It will be screened on Thursday, January 19, at SMoCA. The cost is $7, and tickets are available either by calling the Museum (480-874-4666) or at the front admission counter. Doors to the SMoCA Lounge open at 7:00 pm, and the film begins at 7:30. Seating is general admission, and a no-host bar is available.

Frances Glessner Lee

The screening is sponsored by Woodesign.

SMoCA’s Lesley Oliver reported that a few experts from the Scottsdale Police Department will attend the screening and the Q&A portion of the evening. As she wrote, “Come meet some real CSI people before we watch this intriguing documentary!”