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Stealing ideas about how to call for authors? That’s no crime.

I take (what I think is justifiable) pride in the content and design of Arizona Attorney Magazine. Legal content or not, we believe that everything we do competes for readers’ time, and so we have to be as compelling as possible.

That even extends to what we call “house ads,” those items that hawk an internal product or service. Many of those ads come our way via other State Bar departments, and so we have limited control over their vision and execution. But the ads for the magazine’s own content? That’s on us.

That’s why I was surprised and maybe a little proprietary about a Facebook ad that’s been springing up in my feed lately. It suggests buying into a writing program of novelist James Patterson.

Here is Jim’s ad:

Stop reading start writing James Patterson on FB-page0001

And here is the ad we’ve been running for a few years:

Stop reading start writing Arizona Attorney Magazine-page0001

Our ad has always gotten great response. Maybe not famous-novelist response, but whatever. I’ll hold off on asking for a piece of Patterson’s royalties.

If you happen to have great ideas for magazine articles, write to me at arizona.attorney@azbar.org.