iPadLast week I wrote about a paperless initiative of the State Bar of Arizona. As part of it, the Bar will no longer print hard copies of CLE materials.

As you might guess, I got an earful—though a good number of Arizona lawyers told me they supported the move.

One question that arose in the blog comments (where the good stuff usually lies) was in regard to the ability to annotate the electronic materials. After all, we’re all used to marking up our printed materials during the CLE presentation. What do we do if we are gazing at a PDF, and we con’t happen to own Adobe Acrobat Pro?

A blog post by Nicole Black this week provides some solutions for those accessing the PDFs on an iPad. She points to a few rather inexpensive tools that will have you commenting and noting before you know it. As she says, the four tools “are just a few of the many apps available for reading, storing, organizing, and marking up PDFs and other documents on your iPad.”

You can read her post at Lawyerist, here.

New from the ABA

A story in yesterday’s Phoenix Business Journal broadcast the news that attorneys are using social media to boost their law practices. For anyone clueful enough to be reading this on a blog, which is also transmitted out via Twitter and Facebook, that may not be news. But we have to wonder: Are they really?

(Click here to read that story.)

How many lawyers do you know who make social media an important part of their practice? That’s not a rhetorical question: I’d really like to know! Here at Arizona Attorney Magazine, we’re interested in writing a story on exactly that issue. So send us the name of a lawyer or three who have plunged in—and seen results.

As I ponder on those questions, on my desk sits a review copy of a brand-new book that promises some solutions for attorneys. It’s called Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier.

The book has been published by the American Bar Association, and the skill and experience of its authors make me want to open it ASAP. It is by two co-authors.

  • Carolyn Elefant is a Washington, DC, lawyer and creator of the blog MyShingle.com.
  • Nicole Black is also a lawyer (in Rochester, NY) and a founder of lawtechTalk.com, a company that educates lawyers on a host of issues. She publishes four legal blogs (yes, four), and speaks and writes widely on these issues. She has another book (on cloud computing) coming out from the ABA this year.

More information on Social Media for Lawyers is here. They’ll even let you buy one!

I laugh every time I see this diagram.

As I said, I’m looking forward to the book. But I might feel better if the authors were not so damned accomplished. How about a book like “Social Media for the Anti-Social,” or “Social Media for the Moderately Motivated.”

Oh well. I’ll start reading. I’ll let you know what I think—and you let me know how the ’ol SM is going for you and your practice.