Are you in need of a cosmopolitan pick-me-up, perhaps to perch on your own desk?

If so, New York in a Bag may be the ticket.

On this Change of Venue Friday, I share a small item that my sister- and brother-in-law got for me when they recently traveled East. As we enter the holiday-laden months, you may find that it suits your workspace, or that of a colleague.

Here’s the burgeoning little berg, carved out of wood (the coin is for size comparison).


The NY set includes the Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, Guggenheim Museum, the original Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) buildings, and six cars.

And yes, there IS a bag.

Japanese firm MUJI manufactures these unique sets of blocks—and then packs them in a bag, hence the name. According to MUJI, they’re made of sustainable wood. And they’re as charming as all get-out.

One of the best places to purchase it is MOMA itself.

New York not your choice of great cities? You also may choose other locales, including Barcelona, Tokyo, London, Italy or Paris—or more. Use your imagination and create your own wooden metropolis.

I’ve also been led to believe that they have created Outer Space in a Bag and Suburbia in a Bag, but I haven’t been able to locate them to purchase. If you do, let me know.

Have a globe-trotting weekend.