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Time to get your Boolean search skills up to snuff, with Fastcase.

Two items to add to your calendar, each from companies that are State Bar of Arizona member benefit providers (see the complete list here):

1. On Thursday, Oct. 20 (10:00 a.m. MST), Fastcase offers its “Introduction to Boolean (Keyword) Searches (2016),” which is part of your legal research member benefit.

2. And on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 (11:00 a.m. PT | 2:00 p.m. ET), Clio offers a free webinar titled “The Shift to Mobile Legal Services.”

As Clio describes:

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Mobile + lawyering? Yes, say Clio.

Mobile devices have fundamentally transformed consumer behavior across a number of industries—and legal is no exception. Today’s legal client expects on-demand service and a seamless client experience, and modern lawyers are harnessing mobile technology to help deliver. Are you? Join us to see how attorneys can utilize smartphones in their everyday practice to great benefit, and how to address the inherent security concerns that come from mobile lawyering, including:

  • Ethics to keep in mind when accessing client data in public
  • How to setup your mobile phone for secure access
  • What apps to choose for legal practice, including a sneak peek at Clio’s new app
  • How to protect yourself and your clients while practicing on the go

(These are the same folks who brought you the well-regarded Clio Cloud Conference. Read about it here.)

Thanks to the talented people at Attorney at Work, I share with you a terrific tool on this Change of Venue Friday: “A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers”

A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

I’ve been interested in the topic, especially because we will feature mobile lawyering in an upcoming issue of Arizona Attorney. This guide helped me learn a thing or three.

Here is how Attorney at Work wittily describes the guide’s target readers:

“You can (and do) work anywhere—seat 32F, the B train, hotel bars, little league bleachers and wherever your feet (and your luggage) may land. With just a smartphone and a change of underwear, you’re off in a trice to tend to business in parts unknown. And even when you’re not on the road, you’re on. You are an ‘attorney at large.’”

Mobile lawyers may have brick-and-mortar offices too

Great photo of an Ottawa, Canada, mobile lawyer office (brink-and-mortar-and-shingle + online)

I’ve downloaded the guide myself, and I have to agree with their description of the contents: “advice on mobile technology and communications tools, favorite apps, planning tricks, avoiding travel booby-traps and much more.”

You may get the entire guide here. And as they say, it makes great airplane reading!

Have a great weekend.

Mobile lawyer stories welcome here.

Should your lawyer app be here?

That’s the idea, anyway, for some upcoming articles we’re seeking for Arizona Attorney Magazine. This fall, we’d like to run content on:

  • Mobile lawyering
  • Lawyer and law firm apps

Is your practice improved by these tools? Have you had law practice success due to developing new mobile skills? Or has your firm developed an app that’s altered how you do business?

Contact me with your thoughts on app success (or its opposite). Write me at

Do you have a great story to tell but no time to tell it yourself? Contact me. Let’s talk. We may agree that the magazine should write a story about your topic, all without your lifting a finger (to type or even text).

And on a broader scale, we’d appreciate your thoughts on:

  • The role of apps in law practice
  • Ethical pitfalls to avoid in a mobile practice
  • How mobile tools have leveled the playing field between big firms and everyone else

See? So much to cover. Call, text or post; I’d love to talk with you.