Labor Day 2013 Rosie the RiveterI had thought that in a Labor Day blog post, I would manage to avoid all legal topics. And yet here we are with a “lawyer” reference.

On the Tribeca website, they are kind enough to recommend “6 movies to stream this Labor Day weekend”:

“It’s a long weekend upcoming, and hopefully one where you have plenty of time to sit down with your streaming-movie service and watch a few films. We have your Labor Day-specific recommendations for movies featuring characters with interesting/unusual jobs.”

Here’s what they say about The Lincoln Lawyer:

“[Matthew McConaughey had] sneakily won a bunch of raves for The Lincoln Lawyer, which presents like a regular old boring legal thriller and then proves that legal thrillers can still be freaking excellent.”

Click here to see all their picks. And don’t let anyone tell you to go outside and enjoy the sun.