pro bono gavelHere is some news from my colleague Alberto Rodriguez. He regularly reports on a successful program providing legal information to the public. Congratulations and thanks to those lawyers who shared their time and talent.

State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorThe State Bar of Arizona and 12 News hosted the August Lawyers on Call on Tuesday, August 6. The topic covered in that evening’s public service program was immigration law.

Eight attorneys volunteered their time and experience to help inform callers about immigration issues. Seven of the eight attorneys were first-time volunteers. The lawyers were (click their names for more information):

A total of 51 calls were answered by the volunteer attorneys—which is substantially lower when compared to other phone banks. This is the second immigration Lawyers on Call phone bank that has resulted in low numbers—an issue we’ll consider when planning for 2014. As always, our volunteers offered helpful information, solutions and resources to callers.

12 News Phoenix logoHere is a sample of consumer questions:

  • Can I have dual citizenship? If so, how do I go about it?
  • How do I get legal status for my undocumented fiancé?
  • What are the requirements for Deferred Action?
  • Will a minor criminal charge affect my eligibility for citizenship/Deferred Action?
  • Can children petition on behalf of their parents?

Overarching questions were related to qualifications for citizenship and how to proceed with the citizenship petition.