Natural disasters have a way of seeming unnatural when they strike areas unaccustomed to them.

That was the case yesterday, when an earthquake hit the Eastern Seaboard. Its epicenter was Mineral, Virginia, but its effects were felt as far north as Canada.

Initial estimates were that the quake was more shake than break (especially compared to those typically experienced on the West Coast), though I’ve seen some photos of extensive damage. I guess it’s all about your perspective.

Here is a news story about people’s reactions in Washington DC:

On the lawyerly side of the equation, though, be sure you watch this other video. It is Reuters coverage of the press briefing at which prosecutors announced they that they were filing a motion to dismiss charges against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The earthquake struck early into the media event.

To his credit, the prosecutor who was speaking when the shaking started stayed cool as a cucumber, even as the room began to be evacuated.

But did he have even one “gulp” moment? I don’t mean about the seismic event itself. I mean about what Nature, or a higher power, may have been saying in regard to the prosecutorial decision. “Everybody’s a critic,” he must have thought, his legs swaying beneath him.

The timing makes you wonder.