In-House Counsel BattleIn-House Counsel Battle At long last (or too soon, depending on your viewpoint), the long, long road culminating in the Super Bowl is over. Right now, you’re either Patriot-happy, Seahawks-bitter, or couldn’t care less and are simply awaiting forensic Deflate-gate results. After months of buildup, you may think you’ve heard every possible news angle.

But wait. The folks at Inside Counsel decided to talk to two in-house counsel from the teams’ home cities. Here was their approach:

“We decided to ask two senior in-house counsel some questions about football and law, ranging from whether Tom Brady or Russell Wilson would be a better lawyer, to what their pregame speech would be before exiting the tunnel. And we were right: Mark Roellig, general counsel of Springfield, Mass.-based MassMutual, and David Heiner, deputy general counsel of Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft, couldn’t be more different in their thoughts on the game, and the intersection of law and football, if we tried.”

Read the results of their conversation here. Smart, eh? So that got me wondering: Does your own favorite team have characteristics that might be reflected in their city’s lawyers? And why not go further? How about the team’s general counsel’s personality and outlook? What say, Cardinals fans? What team traits and views would the team’s lawyer hold? (And if you are David Koeninger, the team’s lawyer, feel free to weigh in! A previous team lawyer was once-prosecutor Michael Bidwell, now the Cards’ president. We are lawyered up in Phoenix!)