What, the IKEA catalog is a bookbook? What could be better?

What, the IKEA catalog is a bookbook? What could be better?

Yesterday, I admired the writing and images in a national magazine. Today, I’m all about a consumer catalog. (You may start to think I like print products or something.)

On this Change of Venue Friday, I take you to IKEA. Not literally to IKEA, of course, but to an online offering of theirs that makes you smile.

The video the company created (see below) is in honor of its iconic print catalog—hundreds of pages of dead trees that modern thinking suggests is decidedly passe. But—no surprise—IKEA doesn’t agree. Enjoy its take, not an an ebook, but on a “bookbook.”


You can read more about the video in this Adweek story.

The “creative” behind the video is very, very smart. It skewers and parodies the manner of selling modern digital products. By the time they’re done you not only want to get your hands on the print catalog. You also will never be able to watch a solemn and self-important technology commercial ever again.

Have a wonderful weekend, and maybe stop by IKEA – now there’s a Stockholm syndrome I can get behind.

I just constructed a chair for our 9-year-old daughter, Thea.

Well, “assembled” is the more accurate term. It is an Ikea PS Lomsk (minus the umlaut over the o, which I cannot decipher whether the iPad is capable of).

She’s asked about it for at least a few years now, but we always thought it was a little expensive for a wee chair. Finally, though, we decided to give it a whirl.

After I put it together, Thea smiled, climbed in with her iPod and a book, and closed the retractable hood. She stayed in for quite a spell.

Apparently, it was a small price to pay for some comfortable privacy!