Story ideas welcome, everything from the Theory of Relativity to more mundane thoughts. ideas e = mc

Story ideas welcome, everything from the Theory of Relativity to more mundane thoughts.

I will not insult you with that old chestnut, “There are no bad ideas.” All you need to do is watch a presidential campaign to undermine that tall tale.

But as I work on the 2017 Editorial Calendar—our story roadmap—I do want to stress that there are very few truly bad ideas.

Feel better? Did I lawyer that enough for you?

I’d really like to hear from you—readers or not—about what we should cover in this crazy, mixed-up legal profession. Not sure what I mean? How about:

  • New things happening in law practice
  • New niche practices that are growing
  • Crazy-important topics that legal publications have failed to cover in sufficient detail (or at all)

If you need more direction:

Close your eyes. Imagine a box. And picture the oddest, most novel thing, which is so impressive it cannot even fit in that box.

Soothing, right?

So consider this an open invitation for your ideas, of all kinds. They are welcome anytime, but contacting me in the next few weeks would help ensure those ideas get into our formal editorial calendar. (Curious? You can see our current 2016 calendar here.)

Write to me at

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Idea Lightbulb

Yes, your ideas would be helpful here!

The title “What don’t bar associations know?” is more than just an invitation to easy humor. It is my way of considering how such associations can serve multiple constituencies well.

My day job is putting out a monthly magazine aimed at lawyers. But today’s inquiry is related to a future presentation, one in which solid lessons must be imparted to some folks who lead bars.

This may surprise some of you, but most all of those people are extremely bright. And they also maintain their own practices, so they typically have a good handle on what’s up (and down) in the legal economy.

But still, it’s worth asking. So let me put it this way: Would it be helpful for bar leaders to become adept at topics covered in seminars that promised to teach “10 Things You and Your Bar Should Know About

  • Reaching your younger members
  • What senior members want from your bar
  • Why law practice succession planning matters to your bar
  • Why poor access to justice is your bar’s problem
  • Technology that is transforming law practice
  • Modern challenges facing small firms and solos (and how to support them)
  • Modern challenges facing large law firms (and how to support them)
  • Modern challenges facing your law schools (and how to support them)
  • Modern challenges facing your courts (and how to support them)

I could go on, but you may get the idea. Useful? Yes? No? Maybe?

Even if these topics are OK, what would you add to the list?

What should bar leaders know? Write to me at

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Yes, I found the Scrabble tile in the street. The “I” just spoke to me.