Major medical health insurance is now available through the State Bar of Arizona.

Major medical health insurance is now available through the State Bar of Arizona.

Recently, the State Bar of Arizona entered into an agreement with a company that helps members locate and secure health insurance. I’ve heard from many attorneys over the years who are insurance-insecure, so I hope this is a helpful program.

Open enrollment comes on November 15. So take some time now to explore this program and get your questions answered.

Here is more detail on the program:

“This Health Insurance Exchange can help provide members, their employees, and families with comprehensive major medical insurance coverage. The program is brought to you by AHIX, a division of JLBG Health, the largest health insurance provider to associations in the US.”

ahix_blue health insurance azbar“To learn more about the options available to lower your health insurance costs and maintain comprehensive coverage, visit here for an INSTANT online rate or contact JLBG Health at 866.708.6578  for more details, member rates, and a 15-minute phone enrollment.”

Among the multiple features are these:

  • Shop multiple quality carriers like: Blue Cross, Aetna, Assurant, Cigna, Humana and many others.
  • Apply online or over the phone.
  • No medical questions asked.

Read more about it here.

For a set of questions and answers regarding the exchange, click here.

Finally, to get started on or after November 15, go here.


Psst. If you think privacy law is a growing practice area for attorneys, you're one of the few.

Psst. If you think privacy law is a growing practice area for attorneys, you’re one of the few.

Magazine folks and legal commentators all try to assess (OK, “guess”) where the legal profession is headed. And one of the important elements in that horse-race is determining what practice areas are growing—and which are shrinking.

Last week, legal staffing firm Robert Half International issued another of its studies of lawyer perception. This one reported on attorney responses to questions about areas that will have the most revenue opportunities in the future.

I was not surprised (nor was anyone) that “Litigation” and “General business commercial law” held onto the top two berths (59% and 31% of respondents, respectively, view those as growth areas). That fact may be true, but it doesn’t illuminate much about law practice. Even otherwise-educated lawyers, who know that those broad terms encompass a wide variety of practice areas, routinely select those umbrellas when surveyed.

So we’ve been taught to look instead at what came in at Numbers 3, 4 and so on.

Health care law is seen by a pretty resounding 14% of lawyer respondents to be a growth opportunity. Now that’s interesting. After that, bankruptcy/foreclosure (8%) and labor & employment (7%) follow.

Surprising to me is that “privacy, data security and information law” languishes at just 4%. Really? We are inundated with a barrage of news that reveals how significant those areas are in every area of modern life. I think that attorneys who can marshal the experience and knowledge to guide that conversation have to be making a winning gamble. Apparently, though, only few lawyers want to roll the dice.

Read more about the survey results here.

And what do you think the growth areas are? And once you identify them, are you able to mobilize to develop new lines of work?

Infographic_Robert Half growing practice areas