Attorney George Chen, named the State Bar of Arizona 2015 Member of the Year.

Attorney George Chen, named the State Bar of Arizona 2015 Member of the Year.

The State Bar of Arizona has announced the winners of its 10 annual awards. The honorees will be recognized at the Bar Convention’s June 26 luncheon.

I was pleased to see Bryan Cave lawyer George Chen was named Member of the Year. Among many accomplishments, George is currently the President of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association. His full bio is here.

You can read the names and affiliations of all the winners here.

And you can read the entire Convention brochure here (and register to attend here).

The information about the Friday luncheon is here.

judge roxanne song ong headshot

Judge Roxanne Song Ong (ret.)

This Thursday, the annual event called Spring Training for Lawyers will be held. (I mentioned it yesterday, here.)

There is quite a bit of content worth seeing at the event this Thursday and Friday. Topics include (in no particular order) stereotyping, the Hobby Lobby decision, representing clients with disabilities, mindfulness in practice, and immigration law.

Every one of those (plus others) look like great panels helmed by talented lawyers.

But the opening panel on Thursday is the one I really am disappointed to miss. The title is “Perspectives on Diversity in the Legal Profession in Arizona, and it runs from 1:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

The speakers have walked the walk:

  • George Chen, partner at Bryan Cave
  • Booker Evans, shareholder at Gallagher & Kennedy
  • Sonia Martinez, solo practitioner and past President of NABA
  • Ed Maldonado, solo practitioner and past President of Los Abogados
  • Hon. Roxanne Song Ong, retired Presiding Judge of the Phoenix Municipal Court

Topics will include:

  • Challenges facing minority attorneys in the workplace
  • Issues of majority attorneys working with minority lawyers
  • Importance of developing business for minority lawyers

As organizers say, “A full hour is also dedicated for the panelists to interact with the audience, who are encouraged to ask the ‘tough questions’ about minority issues. The panelists will do their best to provide their candid answers.”

More information is here, including the full program, fees (regular, late, and student discount), additional registration and CLE information.

Register here.

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New board of the Arizona Asian American Bar Association sworn in by Judge Roxanne Song Ong, Feb. 13, 2014, Chandler, Ariz.

New board of the Arizona Asian American Bar Association sworn in by Judge Roxanne Song Ong, Feb. 13, 2014, Chandler, Ariz.

Four years ago, I posted a list of the nine courses (yes, nine!) served at the annual Arizona Asian American Bar Association banquet. You can read it here.

Over the (too) many years of this daily blog, I have covered that event in multiple ways—for example, here, here and here. (I’ve even included photos and a video of our now-beleaguered Attorney General Tom Horne playing the piano as the crowd chats; here’s a photo you might like).

But writers are always learning, and here is the instructive point for me: I have always and forever received the most follow-up queries after my here’s-our-meal-list post. Showing, I suppose, that food trumps most legal issues, including allegations of campaign-finance violations. The main commentary I typically receive: The list is nice, and your description of the keynote speech is swell, but why only one food photo?

C-Fu Gourmet restaurant logoThe public speaks, and I listen.

So today, on Change of Venue Friday, I decided to keep the words to a minimum and to share only photos and captions of each of the dishes served last night at C-Fu Gourmet in Chandler. If you were there, you know how great it was. If you missed it, too bad for you. Remember to follow the Asian American Bar Association on Facebook, so you can keep track of when they announce next year’s banquet. You can join the organization too.

I hope you’re sated by the photos below (click to make them larger). I plan to share later some more detail about the evening’s great elements, among them the awarding of a few law student scholarships. But that’s for another day.

Have a great—and dim sum-filled—weekend.