This morning at the State Bar, there was a fascinating presentation (don’t I wish I could say that every day!). And it was focused on one of the more vulnerable—and deserving—parts of our population.

At the monthly meeting of the Bar’s Military Legal Assistance Committee, the chair, General Gregg Maxon, introduced the speaker, who traveled all the way from Buffalo, N.Y. And the presentation was on how best to serve veterans who find themselves at the wrong end of the legal process.

In an upcoming issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine, we’ll cover the development of a superior court department dedicated to veterans. It’s an idea that is growing more popular, state by state.

Today’s speakers were Judge Robert T. Russell, of Erie County, NY, and West Huddleston, the CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

I’ll post some of Judge Russell’s insights soon. For now, here is a recent story about courts like these.

And here are some photos from this morning’s presentation.

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