This week I wrote on two seemingly unrelated topics. But the power of social media has reminded me how interconnected things can be.

In “Charts With Heart,” I dipped my toe into the wacky and sometimes indecipherable world of graphical illustrations—charts and tables. There, I pointed you to one man’s hilarious take on saying very little in highly visual ways.

Then, in “Hell Is in the Fine Print,” I reminded us all that the Rapture is scheduled for Saturday, and that we’d best get our ducks in a row.

A few minutes ago, I came across an image that is hip-hoppiting its way through Twitter: The Will You Be Raptured? Flowchart.

Here it is. But see it online in all its visual insanity here.

If the rumor is true that the Rapture is gathering up all the good’ns on Saturday, I’m confident I’ll be here on Monday—will you? See you then.