In a photo by Steve Mnich, we get a one-of-a-kind view from the Golden Gate Bridge.

In a photo by Steve Mnich, we get a one-of-a-kind view from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today is a Change of Venue Friday and bucket list, rolled into one.

If you have never traversed the Golden Gate Bridge, you may look forward to doing that sometime in your life. And if you have traversed it, maybe you’ve gazed toward the very top and wondered about the view from hundreds of feet above the water.

When I lived in San Francisco, I did both multiple times. Unfortunately, reaching the pinnacle and getting a tour escaped my grasp. And that’s why an essay this week drew me in. Steve Mnich’s piece “Atop the Golden Gate Bridge” delivers exactly what it promises—plus photos.

As he opens his essay:

“The 746-foot-tall, mile-long Golden Gate Bridge is as abstract in scale and allure as it is essential in function. There’s no better way to fully appreciate this wonder of civil engineering than to experience the bridge from top to bottom, and from the inside out. I was lucky enough to ascend to the top of the ‘the most photographed bridge in the world’ to do exactly that.”

Keep reading—and viewing—here.

(One of his last images, seen below, even includes a second bucket-list item of mine. As the tugboat heads beneath the massive bridge, I’m reminded of my own thoughts on tugboat captain as chapter 2.)

Here’s wishing you a terrific—and adventure-filled—weekend.

Tugboat passes beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, by Steve Mnich.

Tugboat passes beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, by Steve Mnich.

AAABA Arizona Asian American Bar Association logoTalented and smart law students in Arizona are being encouraged to apply for an esteemed scholarship named for former Judge Thomas Tang. The sponsor is the Arizona Asian American Bar Association.

The application (link below) is straightforward, and it includes a question that applicants must answer (in no more than two pages):

“What is the importance of diversity in education and employment and how will your education, background, and perspective on diversity be a benefit as a leader in society and in relation to your law practice?”

The deadline is Friday, March 20, 2015, at 11:00 p.m.

ABA President-Elect Paulette Brown

ABA President-Elect Paulette Brown

Anyone who attended this week’s John P. Morris Memorial Lecture at ASU Law School may have a jump-start in conceptualizing their essay. That’s because ABA President-Elect Paulette Brown spoke on “The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the Law.” It was the 15th annual Morris Lecture, and she also spoke in celebration of Black History Month. (Thank you to NAPABA President George Chen for the heads-up.)

Here is more background from AAABA:

Do you know a law student who attends a law school in Arizona?

If so, then encourage him or her to apply for The Thomas Tang Law Scholarship, which is funded by AAABA and awarded in honor of the late Judge Thomas Tang. Up to four scholarships may be awarded in an amount of at least $2,000 each.

Awards will be presented at AAABA’s annual installation and scholarship banquet to be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

Additional information about the scholarship can be found in the application, which you can download here.