What’s on your website?

If current research—and my own informal surfing around—are any indication—the answer may be: Not much that folks care about.

Portion of image results for search of “lawyer website”: Draws you right in, doesn’t it?

Or, if you don’t have a legal website, let me put it another way: What do you look for in a lawyer’s web presence when, for instance, you’re looking for someone because you have a case to refer?

Are you looking for 10-year-old writing samples from when the lawyer externed for a judge?

Surveys say …. Blecch.

How about 70 photos of gavels, or courthouse steps, or maybe the scales of justice?

Well, OK, but all things in moderation. I saw one law firm site that ran ALL of those on EVERY page and sub-page.

We get it! You went to law school!

There are a lot of terrific sites out there, but many others are cluttered with who knows what.

Here, from people more expert than me (Larry Bodine and Gyi Tsakalakis), are a few elements that consumers and even lawyers seem to respond to: lawyer bios and Q&As.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget how to choose a good picture of yourself. It matters; it really matters.

What are some stellar lawyer websites you’ve seen? Share the URLs and I may do a future story on one or more.