Ides of March Julius Caesar magazine sign

Why, yes, I do change my meeting sign every month. Doesn’t everybody?

Why, yes, today is the Ides of March. And I’m hoping no one is standing behind me.

That was one of my thoughts as I selected an image for the sign indicating our monthly meeting of the Arizona Attorney Editorial Board (see above). Many of the members found it funny—others simply raised their eyebrows, as lawyers can do.

But what turned out poorly for Julius Caesar on March 15 ended up yielding one of my briefer—and most favorite—blog posts ever.

That’s because it combined Caesar, regal intrigue, murder most foul, and the blockbuster movie Godfather, which was released on this day in 1972.

You can read that piece from way back in 2013 here. It still makes me chuckle. But then again, I’m easily amused.

Good luck getting through an unlucky day. Here’s to classical history and great films.

Judge Randall Howe, Sept. 27, 2012

On September 27, I had the privilege to attend a judge’s investiture—that event where a judge is sworn in, robed, given a gavel and sent off to write (many) opinions.

I’ve attended many swearings-in over the years, and a good number have been for people I had come to know well. And Thursday last was another in a great roster of such events. On that day, Randall Howe was sworn in as a Judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals.

Besides being a terrific appellate lawyer, Randy (as we called him until the event) is the chair of the Arizona Attorney Magazine Editorial Board.

(Years ago, another Randy—Randall Warner—was a chair of the same board when he was sworn in as a judge. Hon. Randall Warner is on the bench in the Arizona Superior Court for Maricopa County. And no, not all of our chairs must be named Randy.)

The opening to Randy Howe’s article, April 2011.

Judge Howe’s investiture was special for a few other reasons. For example, it was held at the Disability Empowerment Center in Phoenix, a site that Judge Howe had spent much time supporting over the years.

The remarks by friends and colleagues also made this a remarkable investiture. The best such speeches reveal a part of the new judge we may not have known. And the speakers—Joe Mikitish, Joe Maziarz, Karla Delord and Phil Boas—certainly did that.

Their comments described many parts of Randy’s work and personality. And in so doing, they praised a man for rising so very high in a difficult profession, all while meeting head-on the challenges of cerebral palsy. That, and many things, make him a terrific choice as a new appellate judge.

Congratulations, Judge Howe.

Judge Randall Howe has written for Arizona Attorney before; read his article here.

More photos are at the magazine Facebook page.