State Bar of AZ newsboy election results

Late Friday, results were announced from what had to be one of the most-contested elections of the State Bar board in decades. Fueling the interest was a recent dues increase passed by the board (more information is here).

To read the complete results of the election, go here (as the Bar says, the results still must be certified by the board at its June 10 meeting).

State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorAnd this all caused me to wonder:

  • Did you find yourself more engaged than in the past with a board election? If so, why? (or why not)
  • Do the past year’s events (including the election results) lead you to want to be more engaged, less engaged, or about as engaged as you’ve always been?

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possible dues increase calculator

Happy Monday, which may be the first day back from a holiday week (or it’s just another Monday to you; sorry).

To kick off my time at the office, I offer a link to what may be a controversial topic: a possible dues increase for members of the State Bar of Arizona.

As the Bar opens:

“On February 27-28, 2014, the State Bar of Arizona’s Board of Governors will consider a dues increase. This page contains information for members who want to learn more about why a dues increase is needed as well as give you a chance to leave comments.”

They follow that with links to FAQs, financial statements and other information. We will cover much of this in the next (February) Arizona Attorney, but why wait. Get commenting now!
State Bar of Arizona logo
With that, I pull the pin and toss the grenade. Click to read and comment.

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