Ask an editor about the wonderful advantages that may befall him or her, and you’re likely to get a pretty short list: 

    • Writers who know what a strong lede and a hard deadline are.
    • Stories that are short, sharp and shockingly well written.
    • Readers who respond and tell our masters we deserve a raise.
    • Declining prices for gin.
    • Superb ad sales people.

You thought I’d stop at gin, didn’t you? But no. Ad people are terrific partners in this story-dissemination business. Or at least they can be.

Lisa Bormaster

I’ve been blessed to work with terrific people on the ad side over the years. In my former life at the Orange County Business Journal or other assorted publications, the ad staff was professional and always a pleasure.

Here at Arizona Attorney Magazine, Drew Williamson was my partner in crime (and civil) stories for almost 10 years. And I was sorry a few months ago to see him decide to strike out on his own.

But we were very fortunate when Lisa Bormaster entered the picture. She comes to us with a remarkable amount of experience. She is bursting with great ideas. And she’s a true pleasure to work with.

Here is a press release that the State Bar of Arizona just issued on Lisa’s arrival. We look forward to putting out great products together.

State Bar Announces Lisa Bormaster Fontes as Advertising Sales Manager

PHOENIX – July 11, 2011 – The State Bar of Arizona, the State’s attorney regulation and consumer protection agency, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Bormaster Fontes to the position of advertising sales manager for Arizona Attorney Magazine.

Bormaster Fontes brings 27 years of experience in advertising sales and sales management from both print and digital media to the State Bar. Her robust track record of outstanding revenue and strategic publishing experience will be a significant driving force in continuing to grow the Arizona Attorney brand, along with non-member revenues. Bormaster Fontes comes to the State Bar from American City Business Journals, where she served as president and publisher at the Dallas Business Journal from 2008 and at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal for 10 years, prior to that.

“We are pleased to add Lisa to the management team at the State Bar. We will leverage Lisa’s experience from the advertising and publishing industries to help shape the future direction of Arizona Attorney Magazine, said Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer. “She brings an important and unique opportunity that will meet and exceed our customers’ diverse needs,” he added.

Bormaster Fontes will develop, implement and manage the State Bar of Arizona’s advertising sales strategy from a business, sales, and legal perspective to ensure continued growth of non-member revenues and customer relations.

Link to the online news release here.

drew-williamson-and-jeff-englanger-lightstoneGood Fellows


State Bar Advertising Sales Director Drew Williams (left), at the Convention with Jeff Englander of Lightstone Solutions LLC (underwriters of the Convention satchels). Lightstone is a consulting firm that provides computer forensics and electronic discovery, private investigations and research, forensic accounting, and more.