Arizona Attorney Magazine cover March 2014The path of a relationship between an attorney and her client may take many twists and turns. But how often should documentation play a role in that sometimes long and shifting roadmap?

Answer: More often than you might think.

Before March escapes us, I point you to the Arizona Attorney Magazine cover story, by lawyer Paul Stoller. In “Practice Protection,” Paul provides a detailed how-to on documenting that relationship with the client. As he says, ensuring that element of your practice complete and up to date will protect not just the attorney, but the client as well.

You can read the complete article here.

And read more about Paul Stoller and his practice here.

Paul L. Stoller, Gallagher and Kennedy

Paul L. Stoller, Gallagher and Kennedy

In every issue, we aim to include content that assists lawyers in practice. Paul’s article, though, falls into that select subset of articles that I suspect are ripped out and saved for future reference.

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