Friday, August 13, may be no day to schedule an interview. And yet that’s what awaits me this afternoon.

Interior view (window detail), Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries, 2003. Photo: © Richard Barnes

No, not a job interview, gentle readers. This is for a story to run in the October issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine. I’ll be taping a Q&A with new ASU Law Professor Daniel Bodansky, a world-renowned expert on climate change and sustainability. Unfortunately, my skill-set in those topics is negligible, so I’m still pondering some not-stupid questions that I can pose to him.

In the meantime, this is Change of Venue Friday, where I bring you things that lawyers may enjoy in their non-legal time. And so I point you to Dia: Beacon, a phenomenal art space in Beacon, New York.

You may recall that I talked about Beacon back in July, when my family and I launched a whirlwind East Coast trip to visit, well, more family. But we had a few spare minutes, so we headed over to Dia.

Dia Beacon arose because an art space in New York City found it needed additional display space for large pieces. About an hour north on the Hudson River, they found a nearly 300,000-square-foot historic printing factory. They have transformed it into a remarkable facility.

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It is worth a visit, next time you’re in the Big Apple. Here is just a small sample of the huge amount of work on display.

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Next Friday, I expect to bring you some art news from unlikely sources: the State Bar of Arizona, and maybe even a law firm. Have a great weekend.