Cory Schafer

The other day, the newspaper published what may be one of the finest obituaries you’re likely to ever come across. It was for me.

I did not know Cory Schafer, but her husband Bill Schafer is a longtime member of the Arizona legal community—and a terrific writer, to boot.

I can’t be sure that Bill penned this tribute to his lovely wife, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the last. In fact, Bill wrote for Arizona Attorney Magazine, where he prevailed more than once in our annual Creative Arts Competition (read his pieces here and here.)

Reading the obituary tells you not just a lot about Cory Schafer. It also gives us a window into life and law practice, in Washington, Alaska and Arizona, for one hectic and happy family.

Bill Schafer

As the obit writer put it, Cory “kept [Bill] extremely happy—and thankful that he asked the guy next to him in study hall the first year in high school who the pretty blonde was walking up the aisle. They were together for 65 years after that.”

My condolences to Bill and his family.

Read the complete obituary here.