New board of the Arizona Asian American Bar Association sworn in by Judge Roxanne Song Ong, Feb. 13, 2014, Chandler, Ariz.

New board of the Arizona Asian American Bar Association sworn in by Judge Roxanne Song Ong, Feb. 13, 2014, Chandler, Ariz.

Four years ago, I posted a list of the nine courses (yes, nine!) served at the annual Arizona Asian American Bar Association banquet. You can read it here.

Over the (too) many years of this daily blog, I have covered that event in multiple ways—for example, here, here and here. (I’ve even included photos and a video of our now-beleaguered Attorney General Tom Horne playing the piano as the crowd chats; here’s a photo you might like).

But writers are always learning, and here is the instructive point for me: I have always and forever received the most follow-up queries after my here’s-our-meal-list post. Showing, I suppose, that food trumps most legal issues, including allegations of campaign-finance violations. The main commentary I typically receive: The list is nice, and your description of the keynote speech is swell, but why only one food photo?

C-Fu Gourmet restaurant logoThe public speaks, and I listen.

So today, on Change of Venue Friday, I decided to keep the words to a minimum and to share only photos and captions of each of the dishes served last night at C-Fu Gourmet in Chandler. If you were there, you know how great it was. If you missed it, too bad for you. Remember to follow the Asian American Bar Association on Facebook, so you can keep track of when they announce next year’s banquet. You can join the organization too.

I hope you’re sated by the photos below (click to make them larger). I plan to share later some more detail about the evening’s great elements, among them the awarding of a few law student scholarships. But that’s for another day.

Have a great—and dim sum-filled—weekend.

It’s Friday, which mean it’s time for Change of Venue, our weekly left-turn where we examine the non-legal—or at least aspects of life that lawyers may be good at, but did not learn in law school.

A business lunch begins with ...

This week, recognizing how well lawyers eat (to talk business, of course), I point you to a restaurant.

Being a statewide publication, that’s not something I would do lightly. But a recent meal at this establishment told me I should encourage your gorging there.

The place? C-Fu Gourmet in Chandler, Ariz.

I’ve been to this Chinese restaurant many times, but the recent Arizona Asian American Bar Association banquet reminded how good it could be.

To keep this post short on the words but long on the salivation, I’ll list the nine courses from that April 14 feast

  • Spicy Shrimp and Calamari Salad
  • Chicken Asparagus Soup
  • Beef Tenderloin and Gai Lan
  • Princess Chicken
  • Double Mushroom, Tofu and Greens
  • Steamed Fish, Ginger Scallions and Soy
  • BBQ Pork Mai Fun Noodles
  • Salted Fish/Chicken Fried Rice
  • Double Dessert “Sesame Ball and Fruits”

 Yes, Sesame Ball and Fruits. Why do you ask?

The menu includes far more than this suggests. I recommend the three-part strategy: Eat, drink, nap.

Drop into their Web site for more info. Or, even better, just stop by:

3-part test: Eat, drink, nap

2051 W. Warner Rd.
Chandler, Az. 85224
S.W. corner of Warner & Dobson, 1 mile east of the 101

Unhappy with my selection? Want to recommend something else? Post a comment, or send your thoughts to