I’m heading over to the Minority Bar Convention today, where Arizona lawyers hope to learn something valuable at a good price. And that simple but elusive concept takes me to today’s “Change of Venue.”

Krusty's searching for great CLE

As a reminder, Change of Venue is our weekly (Friday) left-turn where we examine the non-legal—or at least aspects of life that lawyers may be good at, but did not learn in law school.

This week, I point you toward a Web site—OK, a blog—where the writer seeks the mother lode: the good and inexpensive continuing legal education.

Let’s have her describe her mission:

“Welcome to The Cheapskate Lawyer!

“As the title banner says, this blog is all about your author’s quest to fulfill her yearly MCLE requirement without spending an arm and a leg. Along the way, we just might learn a thing or two, but mostly we’re just having fun here, so don’t take anything too seriously.

“Every Monday, a new credit hour will be reviewed, including whatever food may have been served. Fridays are usually poll days, so be sure to stop by and let your voice be heard.”

Yes, that’s right: The Cheapskate Lawyer.

It is written by someone extremely well connected to our very own Arizona Attorney Magazine (dare I reveal her name?!). And it conveys a marvelous combination of humor, actual valuable information, and fearless reporting. In her effort to locate (nearly) free CLE and good food to boot, she pulls no punches.

If she keeps it up, she might never eat lunch in this town again. And that’s just the kind of reviewing we most appreciate.

Get started here, reading, lunching and learning.