pheromone smell shirt

Follow your nose

Today’s story reminds me (and you, my remaining readers) of the true definition of “Change of Venue” Friday.

As you may recall, I originally launched this more casual Friday, where I may bring you items that tend to be lighter than usual but that may still be of some interest to lawyers and their (sense of) humor.

Today’s piece will involve a sense that you may not often use in your daily law practice: your sense of smell.

The story comes to us from Phoenix Mingles (whom I wrote about before) and Fascinations (yes, that Fascinations), a Southwest boutique retailer (let’s leave it at that). The organizers have indicated once again that they’d love to have Arizona lawyers attend an event tonight (you must have acquitted yourself well last time). And here is the event:

Arizona’s First Pheromone Party.

Now, I have no data to confirm that this is the first, but what comprises the gathering’s punky center leads me to believe that they are correct. Here’s how it works:

“Registrants will be asked to wear a T-shirt to bed for three days, foregoing all scented products, and freeze it during the day to keep their scent locked in. At the party, each shirt will be given a number to identify its owner and a color based on their gender. Participants will sniff different bags to see what scent they are most attracted to. They will then take a picture with the numbers they like and hope the owner comes to find them when it flashes on the TV screens at the venue.”

Obviously, my utter failure to convey this information at least three days in advance has doomed all you who may be interested in a scent-heavy party. But my guess is that the organizers would welcome you, even sans an odor-filled garment. After all, there always remains that ancient form of greeting—simply walking over and chatting someone up. Nothing smells better than confidence.

The party will be at Red Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale beginning at 6 tonight. Tickets and additional information are available here.

Here’s wishing you a weekend filled with the sights, sounds and smells of love.

As a new Friday feature, let’s take a brief look at the non-legal. Or, more accurately, let’s look at aspects of life that lawyers may be good at, but did not learn in law school.

Our initial foray into this “Change of Venue” is a brief piece explaining how sarcasm works.

Sarcasm may be the last great divide. There are those who get it, and those who don’t. Here’s hoping you get it.

Sure, most of us know it when we see it (a la obscenity). And we may be really good at dishing it out (“Really good brief, Klepper, truly superb. Now get out and pick up my dry cleaning”). But how many of us knew there were people willing to explicate the complex process of being annoyingly acerbic?

Click, read, waste a few precious minutes on a Friday afternoon when you should be billing hours and building a life for your family. Excellent use of time, Einstein, really mythic.

The story of sarcasm begins here.