So, you’re familiar with bingo, right? That quaint game with the squares, the marker and the chance to win a buck or two?

This year, the Convention exhibitors have put bingo on steroids. (I couldn’t use that exclamation in years past, when the Diamondbacks were an exhibitor.)

Convention attendees are given a card on which the exhibitors’ names are inscribed in a bingo grid. Wander about, stop by the exhibitor booths, ask them to stamp your card. Pretty soon, you’re on your way to the chance to win—more than a couple of bucks.

At my last count, I saw that there were 22 prizes available. And those prizes (again by my count) have a combined value of about $3,100.

Boom! I think I just got real interested in that ol’ game of bingo!

And it bears mentioning: When you get your card stamped, stay and chat with the exhibitors for a few minutes. I urge that for a few reasons: 

  • You weren’t born in a barn, were you? Be polite; your seminar can wait a minute.
  • The products and services they tout are often remarkable and may well be just what your law office is looking for.
  • The payments by exhibitors go a long way toward underwriting the costs of this annual event. So every time you see an exhibitor, remember that their presence helps keep Convention costs reasonable.

So that’s my message. Go. Meet. Get stamped. And good luck!