Arizona_Supreme_Court_SealThe June issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine includes a terrific primer on a new court being piloted in Arizona: a commercial court that aims to bring expertise to bear to resolve business disputes fairly and expeditiously.

The primer was written by attorney Mark Meltzer in the format of a Q&A. As the Supreme Court staff attorney tasked with serving a longtime committee examining the issue—and that eventually recommended creation of this very court—I figured he was the ideal man for the job.

Here is a link to the story.

(I wrote about the committee and the pilot program here.)

But we’re wondering what other questions you may have about the Court. Yes, we thought long and hard on the best questions to get answered—but we may have missed something.

Perhaps you won’t have questions until you see the way the court operates. But it’s also possible you have queries, concerns or suggestions right now. Please write to me at

An Arizona commercial court pilot program will launch on July 1. Read more in the June issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

An Arizona commercial court pilot program will launch on July 1. Read more in the June issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

Over at Arizona Attorney Magazine, do you know what our primary job is?

Go ahead; I’ll give you a minute.

Your ideas wanted for Arizona Attorney Magazine

No, it does not involve copyediting People submissions, or reviewing discipline entries for misspelled words (Remember: Commingling has two “m”s.) Those are important parts of the job. But the bulk of our day is focused on … ideas.

I know, that sounds pretty ethereal. But it’s true. There may be a thousand topics we cover on a recurring basis, and we always strive to cover them in new ways. And that search for a new angle—a new way of seeing—is hard work.

Yesterday, I had a terrific lunch with two lawyers. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like hard work. Let me start again.

Over lunch, two smart lawyers and I spoke at length about law practice and Arizona. And in the midst of it—somewhere between the salad and the coffee—a few intriguing ideas emerged.

light bulb story ideasThey’re not stories—yet. They’ll have to be chewed over, examined and then (gulp) written. But meetings like that are where many of our best stories take root.

I am not going to reveal the ideas; that will be for a future issue of Arizona Attorney. But I would like to encourage some thinking—and communicating—by you.

It’s likely that you have seen something in the magazine that spurs you to think of another article. Or perhaps you’ve spotted a great topic that we’ve missed the boat on, or failed to cover entirely.

When that happens, call me (602-340-7310; cell 602-908-6991). Too personal? Post a comment below. Too public? Email me ( Too direct? Tweet it my way (@azatty). Too modern-day? Fax me (602-416-7510). (Recently, a colleague joked that within my email signature, there are nine ways to get hold of me; I’m looking to add a 10th.)

You probably get the picture: I just want to hear from you about your idea. And if you want, we could even meet for coffee and a nosh—my treat.