Artlink Phoenix logoToday, I share a classic Change of Venue Friday. That means it’s on a topic that may be far from the law, but that lawyers and law students are bound to enjoy it.

On Saturday and Sunday, get out and enjoy some art. The Phoenix Art Detour is a free two-day event that celebrates and shares the work of hundreds of artists throughout downtown. Artlink, which hosts the event, says that more than 90 galleries and “pop-up art spaces” will be open for viewing.

“The event that launched Phoenix’s First Fridays Art Walk phenomenon is returning to the streets of downtown Phoenix for its 25th year on March 2 and 3, 2013. The silver anniversary of Art Detour will take a historical look at the downtown arts scene, celebrate the many people who contributed to its success over the years, and recognize the artists, galleries, organizations and businesses contributing to the arts today.”

WHAT:   Art Detour 25 (25th Annual – Silver Anniversary)

WHEN:   Saturday, March 2, and Sunday, March 3, 11 am to 5 pm.

WHO:  Over 90 participating venues including artist studios, galleries, restaurants and temporary “pop-up” spaces.

WHERE:  Phoenix arts districts in and around Downtown Phoenix, including Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, Jackson Street, and Calle 16 (16th Street).

The First Stop! is at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, (1202 N. Third Street), where visitors will find maps at the information tables and access to the shuttles.

Even more detail is here.

If 90 arts venues are not enough, you might enjoy the Phoenix Art Detour Mural Tour.

If 90 arts venues are not enough, you might enjoy the Phoenix Art Detour Mural Tour too.

And click here for a map of all the venues.

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Have a great, arts-filled weekend.

Quick, easy and arty today. That’s what Change of Venue Friday should be about every week!

(In case you don’t recall, Change of Venue Friday is when we cast our eye farther afield than the staid and reasonable world of law and law practice. You know, get jiggy with it.)

If you are looking to enjoy what may be one of the last in our dwindling supply of fantastic-weathered weekends, try Art Detour in Phoenix.

The 23rd annual version of this artastic event occurs both days this weekend. Here is how Artlink describes itself and the event:

“Artlink, Inc. is one of the oldest, all-volunteer run, non-profit 501C3 arts organizations in downtown Phoenix. Our mission is to continue to facilitate and enhance our current regular events, including the monthly First Fridays art walk, the annual Art Detour self-guided tour that features several open studios and Mystery Galleries in addition to the galleries and businesses that participate in the monthly event, a Juried Exhibition and an art-related fundraiser. Our monthly newsletter is subscribable on line and keeps readers up-to-date on our efforts, community activities and opportunities and information for and about artists. In the spring of 2009, we will begin offering a series of classes and informational sessions that will help strengthen community growth through education.

“Since 1989, we have organized Phoenix’s biggest annual art walk, Art Detour, a two-day, self-guided tour of galleries, studios and businesses in various neighborhoods in and around downtown Phoenix, giving Valley residents and visitors an opportunity to see an array of local, national and international talent. In 1994, we began the monthly First Fridays art walk, which has grown to become the largest monthly art walk in the United States. With 100 arts venues open free to the public each month, Artlink’s First Fridays has succeeded in bringing people back to downtown Phoenix. The event sees anywhere from 14-20,000 visitors monthly and grows exponentially each year.”

More information (a lot more) is here.

And to see a cool and growing roster of participating art spaces, go here (and below).

Enjoy the art and the weather.