State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorThe State Bar of Arizona is now at the end of its multi-week campaign to help military servicemembers get the legal assistance they need. (Read more about it here.)

The strain of deployment isn’t just felt by servicemembers. Military families live with the pressures of war thousands of miles away. Lengthy separations, the realities of single parenting, financial stress, constant worry for loved ones’ safety, and difficult communications—these all take a toll that is sometimes irreparable.

Military families need local legal assistance.

What should be a joyful reunion can turn painful when family life becomes an unexpected casualty of war. The life they thought they were getting back, in some cases, has ceased to exist. Military families often need local legal help or mediation to face failing marriages, custody and child support issues, and the division of assets.

ArmyOneSource logoSometimes they need help moving forward.

An attorney from their community who understands the intricacies of the state and federal laws affecting military personnel and family law is the kind of advocate military families need most.

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ArmyOneSource logoHere is another in a series of news items related to an initiative of the State Bar to help fill the legal needs of recently deployed military personnel. (Read more about it here.)

Tomorrow, I have a JAG item and other news that may affect attorneys you might know. But first, today’s news:

When legal issues arise at home, servicemembers are often unable to find the help they need. The aid and advice of a trusted attorney located in or near their home community can be a lifeline of support.

JAG Corps attorneys can only provide limited counsel.

Military families may need assistance dealing with divorce, child custody, bankruptcy, probate and financial issues. Attorneys in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGs) are able to provide limited counsel to servicemembers, but heavy caseloads and numerous demands compete for their time. 

When servicemembers return, they need legal help near their home communities.

Only 37 percent of military families live on installations; the remaining 63 percent live in more than 4,000 communities nationwide. Our troops need legal assistance closer to home. Give them someone to turn to for help.

State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorLearn how you can help Servicemembers in your community.

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State Bar of Arizona SBA_Logo_ColorThis is week 4 in the State Bar of Arizona effort to assist formerly deployed military servicemembers. (You can read more about it here.)

Over the next two years, large numbers of servicemembers will return home from deployment. Coming home from combat can present a difficult reintegration with family, friends and community. Many will face legal issues, increasing the overall demand for military legal assistance.

Help make military legal assistance available for returning servicemembers.

ArmyOneSource logoWaves of returning servicemembers will strain existing military legal assistance programs. Civilian attorneys can help meet the growing need by becoming a part of the State Bar of Arizona’s statewide effort to increase access to military legal assistance.

Help servicemembers, veterans and their families resolve their legal issues.

More attorneys are needed to assist with:

  • Family law
  • Finance/banking
  • Employment
  • Health care
  • Immigration
  • Elder law

Learn how you can provide critical legal services to our returning servicemembers.

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