Owls aren't the only wise creature when it comes to avoiding trademark trouble. A lawyers group avoids Super Bowl with their Superb Owl 5K.

Owls aren’t the only wise creature when it comes to avoiding trademark trouble.

Super Bowl. There, I said it.

Of course, I’m not selling anything, or trying to use the name to market or sell something, so it’s unlikely I will hear from The Big Game’s legions of lawyers.

As I’ve noted before, though, that’s not been the result for other purveyors of goods and services, large or small. Woe betide the mom-and-pop store that advertises a “Super Bowl Sale,” for there could be confusion in the marketplace (or something).

Well, now that we know what teams will be duking it out in Arizona in just a few weeks (Patriots and Seahawks, in case you were not paying attention), I am pleased to share how one legal organization right here in the Grand Canyon State addressed the “Super Bowl” dilemma.

I recently heard from Tricia Schafer, COO at Arizona’s Finest Lawyers, who passed on this story. As she related, “We’ve had our 5K run in the works for awhile now, and this Arizona Republic article captures our twist on the phrase.”

Arizona's Finest Lawyers logoNot to hide the game ball, I will tell you that they named it “The Superb Owl Shuffle 5K.”

Click through to see how smart the solution they devised is. (Because lawyers are involved, they definitely thought it through and followed proper channels.)

And if you’re prone to run races rather than sprawl prone on your couch watching The Big Game, you can read more about and register for the 5K here.